Video Marketing

Got Video?

Are you aware that YouTube is the second most popular search engine after Google and web pages with videos in them typically experience a 159% increase in organic traffic? By 2020, Videos will account for 90% of online traffic in the United States.

Any successful brand out there is heavily relying on video marketing – the use of videos to promote and market their products and services, increase engagement of their digital and social channels, educate their consumers and customers, and reach new audience with a new medium.

Personalized video is shaping the future of marketing, sales and customer service. Video marketing is central to your outreach and campaign efforts. It is your ticket to Better Leads, More Sales and Lifelong Customers. If you are not creating video, you’re likely falling behind.

At Stricore, we offer customized full video services. We research, investigate, advise, execute, manage and optimize all video activities for brands, SMEs, agencies and publishers.

We offer all types of marketing videos including; Demo Videos, Explainer Videos, Brand Videos, Expert Interviews, Educational and How-to Videos, Event Video, Animated Videos, Customer Testimonial Videos, Live Videos, 360° & Virtual Reality Videos as well as Personalized Messages.

At Stricore, our teams are always available for our clients to solve their business needs anytime.

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