The Ultimate Guide to Video Marketing for Small Businesses

13October 2019

It is not a secret that brands need a video marketing strategy. What has changed is how important video has become on every platform and channel. Video is no longer one piece of your overall marketing plan; it is central to your outreach and campaign efforts, especially if your intent is to get it right in your social media strategy.

Video has absolutely dominated social. Research from Google shows that four of the top six channels on which global consumers watch videos are social channels. Any business that wants to get it right in their digital marketing efforts must start to use video marketing to convey their message to customers and potential prospects.

Today’s guide is interesting. We shall be dissecting on what we mean by video marketing, why it is so effective, reasons brands need to use video, secrets to creating a good video marketing strategy, trends and the future of video.

Let’s dive straight in!

What is video marketing

Defining video marketing should not be a complex affair. Video marketing refers to the process of using video to promote or market your brand, product or service. Any strong marketing campaign must incorporate the use of video into the mix.

Video marketing can be used for everything, from building customer rapport, to promoting brand, services, and products. Video can also serve as an effective medium to present how-to’s, to promote customer testimonials, for live streaming events and to deliver viral content.

Why is video so effective in marketing?

From traditional TV ads and commercials in the 1960s to today’s YouTube, SnapChat,Vimeo, and Facebook Live, it is no secret that humans have been loyal consumers of video. Video is very effective and convenient for the consumer.

Video marketing provides an attractive, versatile and extremely shareable medium to attract and reach a wide audience. Video marketing can be used in many different ways. It can be used for product explainer videos, on landing pages, on blog articles, for webinars, and many others.

Human attention spans are today getting shorter and shorter. Video marketing helps to deliver a message in a more effective manner within a very short time. Videos are storytelling and can be emotionally connecting.

When it comes to generating traffic, leads, and sales, video is king. Video drives a 160% increase in organic traffic for SERPs. Videos that are embedded in websites can increase traffic by up to 55 percent. Marketers who use video can register 50% more growth in their revenue faster than those who don’t use it. Video can increase landing page conversions by more than 80 percent.

12. Reasons you need to use video marketing

According to forester research, a 60-second video is equivalent to about 1.8 million words. There is no doubt that modern-day customer prefers audiovisual content as compared to textual content. Numerous statistics demonstrate the power of audiovisual content.

Video has a higher influence on attracting, retaining and generating investments. If you are among those people wondering if they should use video in their marketing needs, let’s look at the benefits.

1.      Increase the number of clicks

In many sectors, it can be a challenge to achieve to attain an optimal click rate. With the use of video, it has shown a proven increase in the number of clicks in PPC ads, as well as the rate of opening emails in mailing campaigns.

Moving images in video attract more attention than static images used in the textual content. With the use of video, it is now possible to improve the performance of marketing actions.

2.      Users prefer video

Social media users now have a preference for video over any other content. We can now get astounding statistics from Facebook as well as other social media platforms. Twitter reports that it currently garners 82% more views from video than standard posts.

Instagram has increasingly put a lot of priority on video distribution on its platform. YouTube is the second biggest search engine after Google. This shows the huge demand that video commands in satiating user need.

3.      A powerful way to start conversations

Videos present a powerful way to start conversations. It can be difficult to start conversations especially if your business is still new and most people don’t know about it. That should not be the case if you decide to use promotional videos.

Video moves people from being skeptical to acquaintances. There is not any better way of welcoming prospective clients to your business than with the use of a professionally directed,  shot and well-documented video clip.

4.      Video helps in humanizing brands

Many people are probably wondering how artificial intelligence will impact marketing. It can be difficult to humanize brands by only using text. This is because plain texts are limited to reading.

However, with the use of videos that have a face of real human telling a story, it can do wonders for your marketing. From the voice to personality, viewers will be able to put a face to the service or product they are getting, thereby engaging more with your offering.

5.      Tap into mobile users

Today, millions of users are spending their time on YouTube and other video platforms watching videos. You can imagine how creating videos can turn your marketing around if your users spend a minute or less on your marketing content.

90 percent of consumers watch video on their mobile phones before making a purchasing decision. YouTube views are increasing every day. If you decide to use video, your audience will grow in numbers.

6.      Good for SEO

Google owns YouTube and that in itself is very important for many marketers. Marketers are now making use of video to communicate their messages. There are different statistics regarding how many times a site receives more traffic due to embedded videos.

Once you have a video, you should optimize your videos with SEO friendly titles, descriptions and meta tags to stand an awesome chance of appearing on the first page of Google and other search engine results pages.

7.      Building Trust with clients

Videos present a perfect way of building trust with clients. It will not be easy to persuade readers with the use of plain marketing text. The use of videos will be very important to help in driving conversations. It becomes easier to build long-lasting relationships with clients by telling a story in a point-blank 60 seconds video.

The use of video has the potential to elicit a quick emotional reaction from your viewers. Millions of YouTube channels continue to win massive audiences and followers due to the video content they put on those channels.

8.      Win the attention of lazy buyers

The video presents an amazing way to win the attention of lazy buyers. People hardly have time to go through long promotional posts. The same gets worse especially if you are marketing to lazy buyers. Take into account how modern buyers want to see things; they want to see what they will get, and that won’t be achieved with content only.

9.      An effective way to outdo your competitors

The truth is that not many businesses have embraced the use of video marketing. It could be because they are still stuck with a fallacy that doing so is very expensive. Using video strategy can present a very effective way to crush your competition. It will help show your viewers something that they wouldn’t have known should they be reading the text alone.

10.  High retention rate

The internet is a crowded place. To win the attention of everyone, it can be a real hassle. You need to craft your strategy right if you have to stand out. One way to get it right is through the use of video.

With video, marketing your business, product or services doesn’t just end with visual communication. People will always remember what they watched, and that can be a great way to create retention.

11.  Appeals to various demographics

Since the advent of marketing, market segmentation has always been around. Stats show that certain age groups prefer Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. By making a video, you get a double-edged sword that cuts across both ends. Video will appeal to all your audiences.

12.  A high rate of social shares

Studies show that people share the videos they watch online more than they do with articles and blog posts. Marketers who want to make the most out of this statistic know how to embrace the use of video. They include social share buttons below the videos and wait for the magic to happen.

No wonder we have seen the recent advancements of viral marketing. The reasons all business people and internet marketers should start and continue using videos are innumerable. Videos have become a very influencing way of getting more leads through email marketing.

Secrets to creating amazing videos

By now, we all know that video content is here to stay. The average user spends 88% more time on a website that has video. 60 percent of consumers will spend at least 2 minutes watching videos that educate them about a product they are purchasing

These stats mean we need to get it right when creating videos.

Make educational content

Content developers need to make educational videos that add value to the life of their consumers. Those who succeeded to make such videos will propel the Internet forward as a marketplace of great ideas, products, and experiences. You need to make people more interested in learning about your product or service.

Make Commercials with humor

Commercials must represent a perfect balance between entertaining and learning about a brand and its services. There are many resources you can use to make videos funny and entertaining. Help your consumers find something that answers the questions they are facing while being funny at the same time.

Keep Relevance

Make videos that are relevant to your target audience. Before you can develop any video content, ensure it is relevant to your audience. Your video should reach potential customers through the right message and channels. You need to know your product, identify your target audience and analyze as well as identify the right channels for distribution.

Give solutions

You need to focus on giving solutions to common problems your potential customers are facing. You need to make videos that create a greater focus on showing how your products and services make the life of a customer easier.

People are not willing to read large chunks of information. Just make their life easier by delivering to them videos that have a strategic experience so that customers have their problems solved as well as still being engaged to your product or service.

Optimize your videos

Your videos need to be on YouTube. People spend a lot of hours on YouTube and so should be the place where your videos are centrally located. YouTube is the second biggest search tool after Google.

You need to develop an audience strategy to increase the visibility of your videos. For your videos, ensure they are well optimized with relevant keywords and tags. For best practices, include eye-catching titles and unique video descriptions. The visual design of your YouTube channel must also correspond to your brand identity.

The future of video marketing

To invest in video marketing, you need to understand that it is a serious business and will be around for years to come. Video has risen in the ranks to become the medium of choice to distribute content and increase engagement rates online.

Video is going live

The rise of live streaming service continues to grow in popularity, thanks to Instagram, Facebook, and other popular social media channels. Research has shown how live streaming encourages more audience engagements and retains more viewers for a longer period, as compared to pre-recorded videos.

Video is taking over shopping

Video is taking over the viewers’ shopping. Video content on shopping products has been on the rise. Brands are now testing for ways to give users the ability to swipe to buy after viewing videos shared on social media channels.

96 percent of consumers find videos very useful in helping them make a purchasing decision. A video that is shared on eCommerce product pages has a very large potential to increase the order value by at least 50 percent.

Video is turning 360

There has been a recent advent of 360-degree video content. It enables viewers to control their perspective for a more intense and immersive interactive experience. Realtors have taken advantage of 360 videos to show potential clients a 360 view of residential and commercial properties for an enhanced experience.

Video is going VR

Virtual technology is now making viewers feel as if they are part of the video. This technology is poised to make a mark on may sectors, including gaming, education, business, healthcare, marketing and social media.

By 2020, the global market for VR software and hardware is poised to reach 22.4 billion US dollars. Last year, consumers of electronic shows feature more than 500 augmented reality and virtual reality exhibitors.

Video in Blogging

 Video is now deeply embedded in blogs; in what we call Vlogs. Vlogging or video blogging has become a major trend in content marketing. It is now easy to connect with viewers because of the authenticity of vlogs.

Vloggers are now able to build a community of like-minded people. Vloggers are also monetizing their vlogs via corporate sponsorships, native ads, product placements and many more.

Content is getting search friendly

Artificial intelligence and the use of closed caption or subtitles is making video content more searchable. With artificial intelligence, it is now possible to transcribe audio tracks of video with voice recognition to make video sharable.

The latest update has been Google’s recent announcement of video previews to video carousel that appears in search results. This happens when using Chrome or Google app on android. When users are toggling through the shown videos in the carousel, they will see a six-second preview of the video.

Video is being used everywhere, for all possible touchpoints. It is in every aspect of a business, be it in internal communication, human resource, customer support, legal issues, search engine, social media, sales and more.